Tips for choosing the right size garbage disposal

How to Choose the Best Size Garbage Disposal for Your Home

It’s important to get the right garbage disposal size if you want to avoid that annoying constant dropping of silverware into the disposers. Generally, there are two types of garbage disposal, namely the continuous feed and the batch feed. Knowing which one to get will depend on various factors. This article discusses factors that’ll help you with choosing the right size garbage disposal for your home, condo or apartment.

Tips for choosing the right size garbage disposal

How to Select the Right Garbage Disposal

It’s quite easy to pick garbage disposal for your home when you know how vital the listed factors are in the selection process:

Motor Size

A small motor size will ensure only small-sized food particles get into the garbage disposal. If you’re living alone, it’s wise to go for a third or a half horsepower motor perfect for grinding soft vegetables. A 1hp horsepower motor, on the other hand, is meant for big families that frequently eat at home. Getting a garbage disposal with the right motor equates to less stress and an efficient water waste system. If you have questions, reach out to a plumbing professional to get some additional tips and guidance.

Grinding Chamber Material and Size

The size of grinding chambers will be massive when the HP motor is also massive. Grinding chambers allow users to grind up various food particles. They’re usually made from steel, making them more efficient when it comes to cleaning, and they would never rust.

Additional Features

Additional features can also determine which garbage disposal is best for you in terms of size. All disposers make noise while operating, but those of better quality are usually insulated in grinding chambers, making such an appliance have minimal operating noise.

Getting a model with additional features like sound baffles lowers the machine’s decibel level – while a disposable with an anti-splash baffle will keep the sink clean. Homeowners wanting total satisfaction from these machines should pick those that have extra features.

Enzyme Reservoir

The type of equipment you go for in terms of size depends on whether the garbage disposal has an enzyme reservoir. This feature is particularly suitable for households that have a septic system. Garbage disposal with an enzyme reservoir would help break down food particles more efficiently. It also keeps your septic system healthy by getting enzyme treatment from time to time.

How Often Do You Cook?

Another factor that will come into play while selecting the best disposer in terms of size is the frequency of how your household cooks, plus the number of leftovers generated each time. If you’re always in the kitchen preparing something for the family, it would be best to get a bigger garbage disposal since the food leftovers on the silverware are definitely higher. Families that rarely cook can go for medium-size or small ones.

Final Note!

The best-size garbage disposal for a family will depend on features unique to a particular family. Each household must look at its needs beforehand and select an adequate device to meet its needs. The above pointers will help you pick the suitable garbage disposal in size and functionality.