Reliable and Efficient Gas Lines, Gas Furnace, Gas Electric Water Heaters Installation and Repairs in Orange County

Many homes in Orange County depend on gas for multiple things because of the high cost of electricity. Natural gas can be used to power furnaces, cooktops, ovens, water heating systems, and dryers.  

The endless demand for natural gas has made it more popular, adding to its environmental-friendliness. Natural gas is moved around the house to different systems using gas lines, and these need to be maintained regularly. 

Whether you need to service your gas lines or install new ones, Orange County Plumbers is here to provide the necessary assistance.

Measures to Take in a Gas Leak Situation

If you realize a gas leak in your system, immediately call emergency services to contain the problem. The utility company will cut off the connection as quickly as possible to prevent fires and health risks. You can then contact Orange County Plumbers for repairs or reinstallations. Our professional plumbers will get to your location within a few minutes and instantly repair the leaking pipes. 

At Orange County Plumbers, we put you first and ensure your safety. If you want to prevent such situations in the future, it would be best to have a regular maintenance routine. Our company provides such services as well throughout Orange County.

How to Identify a Gas Leak

Having a gas leak is a deadly situation, which is why you should know the typical signs. The most common pointer in a gas leak situation is a foul smell like putrid eggs. If you don’t smell anything unusual, then your gas lines are in good shape. Additionally, check for hissing sounds from the gas lines.

Unlike other plumbing problems, you should never try to repair a gas leak yourself because it is the most dangerous. Take the necessary measures as previously discussed.

When should you consider gas line installations?

Electricity bills can sometimes go overboard, causing strain on your financials. Gas line installations can help reduce your utility bills as they are more energy-efficient and less costly. With our professionalism and mastery, we will help install your new gas lines in Orange County. This also applies to gas furnaces and gas-electric water heaters.

Protect Your Home from Gas Leaks

Whether you have an emergency or just checking if your systems work properly, you can trust Orange County Plumbers to deal with the problem. Although natural gas has a dozen benefits, a leak can jeopardize everything. Natural gas is toxic; therefore, prolonged exposure to it can pose serious effects on your health. Additionally, it puts your home at risk of damage since it is highly explosive.

Let us help you contain the gas leak situation in Orange County by servicing your systems regularly. We are passionate about our work and would always exceed your expectations every time you hire us. Moreover, our customer care service lines are always available if you have any questions regarding gas lines, gas furnaces, gas-electric water heating systems, or any other plumbing-related issue.