Reliable and Efficient Kitchen Fixtures in Orange County

We spend an immense amount of time in our kitchens cooking, baking, washing the dishes, or even doing something as simple as making a cup of tea. Unfortunately, after numerous years of use, the pipes and fixtures usually go through a tremendous amount of wear and tear. 

This relentless stress on your kitchen plumbing system frequently results in plumbing problems in the kitchen. In addition, we usually observe leaking fixtures, which can contribute to severe water damage throughout the house. 

At Orange County Plumbers, we take care of every aspect of kitchen plumbing, from the sinks to the faucets to fixing the damaged or leaky water lines. If your kitchen plumbing appliances need an upgrade or repair, you can most definitely reach out to us to offer our excellent service at an affordable rate.

What is the kitchen sink maintenance?

The kitchen sink is the essential kitchen fixture, and therefore maintaining it is very important since it is the most utilized kitchen fixture. At Orange County Plumbers, we will continuously ensure that we clean your drain at least twice a month to prevent backups or clogs. 

Also, if we find out that it is beyond repair, we can buy and install a drain cleaner, which will significantly assist your kitchen sink. We would also advise you to place a strainer over the drain in the kitchen sink to avert the food from accessing the garbage disposal and drain.

What is the garbage disposal maintenance process?

The garbage disposal under the sink crushes and stores food litter running down your kitchen sink drain in a chamber referred to as a hopper chamber. Water from the kitchen faucet pushes the waste solids out of this compartment, and afterward, the waste is then pushed down the septic tank or the sewer system. 

We recommend following our expert advice to prevent the garbage disposals from wearing out, clogging, or making funny noises. Additionally, ensure that the tap runs while crushing the food and runs for at least 20 seconds after the food is finished grinding. 

Also, avoid putting foods that are hard to crush down the garbage disposal and do not forget to clean the garbage disposal thoroughly after use.

What do the refrigerator installation and maintenance process consist of?

Almost every household depend on refrigerators to keep perishable food cold daily, and the proper maintenance can make sure that your refrigerator operates smoothly for a long time. However, installing a refrigerator that includes whistles and bells like hot and cold water dispensers, full-sized and crushed ice, and even Bluetooth connectivity can be time-consuming and complex. 

As an experienced and renowned plumbing agency at Orange County Plumbers, we can install any small, large, commercial, or residential refrigerator. Moreover, we can run water lines to the drinking water dispenser and the ice maker. We also replace a water-supply shutoff valve or choose the option of adding a water supply pipe near the refrigerator. 

How do you handle a kitchen faucet fix or repair?

Nothing is more frustrating than a leaky or dripping faucet or a clogged kitchen sink which can cost you a lot of time and cause a great disaster on the floor if it accidentally overflows. A constant leaking kitchen faucet can be frustrating, waste a lot of water, and heighten your water bill. 

Thankfully, our seasoned technicians at Orange County Plumbers can fix your leaky or dripping faucets or unclog the drain before they become significant problems accompanied by a huge price tag. We have the most updated equipment and technology to conduct an inspection, assess the issues, and repair the kitchen plumbing to operate smoothly.