Avoid Putting These Food Items in a Garbage Disposal or Down Your Drains

What Are the Things You Never Want to Put into a Garbage Disposal or Down a Drain Line?


Garbage disposals are powerhouses in homes. You put in food leftovers, and they’re pulverized never to be seen again. However, there are certain limits these powerhouses can’t cross, they can grind up an incredible amount of food scraps, but that doesn’t mean they’re indispensable.

There are certain things you should never put into your garbage disposal, let alone your drain line. An excellent rule of thumb is not to use the appliance for anything that’s not food. Read on to discover what should never be put into a garbage disposal.

What Are the Things You Never Want to Put into a Garbage Disposal or Down a Drain Line

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Coffee Ground

Most people fall for this one thinking that the coffee grounds will go down the drain to get rid of drain odors. This is way off the line, and it’ll just leave your drain lines clogged up. Don’t become the next victim of this horrible myth.


One or two eggshells would probably not cause any harm to your garbage disposal. However, continuous input will cause build-up, which clogs the drain lines. Eggshells don’t break down the same way other food particles normally do.

Big Bones

Small bones can easily go into the garbage disposal and be grounded up, but the same can’t be said for big bones. The garbage disposal is not a place to throw in anything, and cleaned-out rib bones have no place in the garbage disposal.

Starchy Foods

Any starchy foodstuffs like rice, pasta, oatmeal, or beans should never go down the drain line. From the onset, when cooking such meals, you add water to expand them. Starchy foods will, therefore, continue to expand as long as they’re exposed to water, posing great danger and clogging situations.

Shellfish Parts

Shells from seafood like oysters and clams are hard – making your garbage disposal have a hard time grinding them up. Therefore, don’t bother throwing them in your disposer or drain line. You may want to hold off on lobster shells and shrimp tails too.

Oil and Grease

The grease or oil left over the pan after cooking your sausages or bacon can easily go into the drain line since it’s liquid. Certainly not! Don’t try that. Oil or grease left for a while will solidify and clog up the pipes. It also applies to fatty foods like poultry skins, butternut, and nuts.

Fibrous Peels

In most cases, produce can go into the garbage disposal, but there are exceptions to this rule. However, stringy or fibrous scraps must never be put into the drain or garbage disposal. These substances can clog up the equipment or make your grinder less efficient.


Anything can happen during dishwashing, making you mistakenly throw in items that should never be put into a drain or garbage disposal. Having a plumber and a plan in place when such circumstances occur will give you peace of mind knowing that you can get professional services at any moment. Find an expert that provides 24/7 services.